The Seaport District NYC and 10 Corso Como

In her 19 years as an editor at the helm of several top magazines worldwide, Carla Sozzani developed a quiet, but confident eye, one that has an exceptional knack for scouting up-and-coming areas. Sozzani believes it’s curiosity that makes a strong eye. It was indeed curiosity that led her into the courtyard (owned by a garage) at 10 Corso Como in Milan nearly three decades ago. The area was considered part of the outskirts of Milan and was a far cry from the city’s fashion center. Sozzani planted the first 10 Corso Como seeds there 28 years ago, and as the store grew into a fashion, art, design and culinary destination, the area blossomed with it. It is now one of Milan’s shopping epicenters with a bounty of stores, restaurants, bars and mostly importantly, passersby. It takes strong vision to transform a fumes-ridden garage into a space of beauty, but Sozzani achieved just that.

This transformative power–perhaps a feeling rather than logic–is the recipe Sozzani used when scouting new 10 Corso Como locations worldwide, in Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. Now, 28 years after the Milan store opened, 10 Corso Como is opening its latest storefront in New York at the Seaport District. Though New Yorkers have somewhat overlooked the area in recent years, Sozzani hand selected and even favored it. The strongest draw for her was the location’s storied history. It was the city’s first World Trade Center; the first touchpoint for goods, people and ideas coming into New York (then New Amsterdam). The Fulton Market Building, the home of 10 Corso Como New York, was established in 1822 as a primary trade destination. Nestled on the East River, where boats once docked to unload their produce, the Seaport District is filled with nostalgic waterfront charm, with impressive views of the nearby Brooklyn Bridge, cobblestone streets, and a palpable sense of community.

Both Sozzani and Kris Ruhs are steadfast in their belief and wish to honor the rich mercantile history of the area, rather than erase it. As a nod to the area’s legacy, Ruhs has adorned the store with artwork that has an aquatic feel in a range of blue tones.