strangelove Scent Masterclass

This past Saturday cult fragrance brand, strangelove nyc, hosted an exclusive scent masterclass at 10 Corso Como New York. Nestled in a private section of the restaurant, guests were treated to 10 Corso Como’s famous tiramisu, which they enjoyed while listening to strangelove nyc’s founders divulge the origins of their coveted scents.

For those that aren’t familiar with the brand, founder + CEO, Elizabeth Gaynes, who has a background in developing sustainable plantations within the fragrance industry, launched strangelove nyc in 2013. She did so with a strong push of support from the mother of her son’s playmate, Helena Christensen, who made Gaynes promise to include her. Christensen now acts as Creative Director. Christophe Laudamiel rounds out the team as Master Perfumer. Laudamiel led the scent testing portion of the afternoon, and had all guests smell the different ingredients that make up each perfume. He explained how scent is deeply personal and that perfumes smell differently on each wearer. Guests left with a goodie bag of their favorite scent.

From the beginning it was crucial for Gaynes to create a fragrance line that used only the best rare ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world. Gaynes blends natural ingredients with pure oud to create her scents, which are available as eau de perfumes and pure perfume oils. The line also sells beautiful chain necklaces with a small dangling vial of perfume that is perfectly ignited by the warmth of skin. The niche line currently has four scents on offer: deadofnight, meltmyheart, silencethesea, and lostinflowers. The trio hopes to tell love stories through the art of perfume.

Come checkout strangelove nyc’s coveted scents in store at 10 Corso Como. A perfect holiday gift for a loved one, or for yourself.