Salvador Dalí, Jean Clemmer. An Encounter, a Work.

In true Carla Sozzani style, 10 Corso Como Gallery presents its second exhibit in New York, combining all of the elements that Sozzani holds dear: art, fashion, and friendship. The exhibit titled “Salvador Dalí, Jean Clemmer: An Encounter, a Work” is curated by Fondazione Sozzani in collaboration with the Jean Clemmer Archive. The exhibition showcases the joint work of acclaimed Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer and the world renowned artist Salvador Dalí, long-time friends and collaborators.

The show encompasses forty-two prints that are on view for the first time in New York. The works are from a number of series including “Mises en scène” (1962 – 1967) and “Metamorphoses” (1970 – 1995), and photographs taken during the filming of “Le Divin Dalí” (1964), a short film that was unfortunately destroyed shortly after being made.


Dalí and Clemmer met in 1962, and the two promptly began their creative partnership. Clemmer brought his fashion background and editorial eye to the table, as he had extensive working relationships with the top fashion figures at the time including Paco Rabanne. Dalí brought a sense of mysticism that is emblematic of his work. He often created dreamlike scenes that explored themes of mythology, science and magic for Clemmer to capture.

The exhibition is not to be missed, as many images on display are rare works from projects that were tragically destroyed. This includes extraordinary behind-the-scenes unpublished prints taken on the set of the short film “Le Divin Dalí”, which was destroyed in a fire while still in the lab. The duo’s collaboration spans across disciplines and plays on themes of perspective, reality, and otherworldliness. Clemmer’s prints are the only testimony to the surrealist work and collaboration between Clemmer and Dalí.

The exhibit will be on view at 10 Corso Como New York until February 3, 2019. Gallery hours are 11am-7pm Mon-Fri and 12pm-6pm Sun. 

Rachel Glicksberg