Plan C Debuts at 10 Corso Como

The Sozzani family is not the only Italian dynasty with fashion seeping through its bloodline. Carolina Castiglioni, daughter of the founders of Italian fashion label Marni, has recently launched a new label, Plan C, in her own right. After honing her craft at the family business, in addition to a lifetime soaking up her parent’s chic aesthetic and growing up in the fashion world, Castiglioni has crafted her own unique aesthetic. Launched last year, Plan C is a contemporary lifestyle brand for confident women, juxtaposing feminine and masculine elements. Castiglioni’s idiosyncratic touch is felt with the use of unexpected color combinations and strong tactile, textural elements. The brand is geared to women on-the-go and is comprised of bold structural silhouettes and pieces that can be easily layered. The result is both sophisticated and elegant.

Castiglioni aims for Plan C to be a timeless collection with a metropolitan feel, consisting of statement pieces that you reach for in your closet season after season. Many of the pieces feature adjustable details such as drawstrings that can be altered depending on the fit and style of the wearer. Standout looks include button down shirts layered with a feminine bright colored dress on top, sequin boy shorts, and a voluminous skirt layered with an anorak and belted at the waist, examples of Castiglioni’s mix of feminine and masculine aesthetic. For the designer’s debut collection she also included personal elements. Castiglioni included her daughter Margherita’s drawings on a slouchy sweatshirt, t-shirt, and leather bag. The result is heartwarming and is sure to draw a smile from any shopper. It’s safe to say Castiglioni received an education of a lifetime from Marni, and although the designer has clearly inherited her family’s chic taste and aesthetic, Plan C is proof that Castiglioni is standing on her own two feet. Plan C is now available at 10 Corso Como New York and we highly recommend checking the collection out. We’re certainly keeping our eye on Castiglioni.