Our Beauty Picks for Curing Dull, Dehydrated Winter Skin

New York has hit peak winter weather with blistering winds, snow fall, and temperatures dipping down into the single digits. The good news? Winter is nearly half over. But, if you’re not one to see things with a glass half full mentality (trust us, it can be hard) than we have some suggestions to help you keep the winter blues at bay. The unfortunate side effects of frigid temperatures, unrelenting winds, and radiators on full blast include windburn cheeks and parched skin. We consulted our beauty experts and have concocted the perfect recipe and step-by-step guide for an at-home hygge self-care day.

To set the stage, we recommend drawing a relaxing hot bath, lighting a few candles and pouring your favorite drink of choice coupled with a large glass of water for maximum hydration. Next, make sure to take off all of your makeup before applying our skincare recommendations. We’ve rounded up our top picks to help restore moisture and regain your supple and glowy skin.

The Crème de la Crème

Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream ($265) is a gem that has flown pretty much under the radar until recently. It’s a little bit pricier than your average cream, but trust us it is well worth it. The intensely luxurious and rich hydrating creme penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation. The result? A dramatic improvement to your complexion. Our pro tip: adding a thick layer before bed will act as an overnight mask. Your skill will become hydrated overnight and you’ll thank us in the morning.

Voted ‘Best Serum’ by Tatler 2017

Dr. Sebagh’s Rose de Vie Serum (30ML $200) has already received high praise from Tatler, and this silky serum is no joke. Not only is it non-greasy, but it also leaves a protective film to restore the skin’s suppleness, while also improving its overall healthy state. The trophy ingredient here is organic rosehip oil, which provides the floral aroma. The serum is also jam-packed with anti-ageing and anti-oxidant ingredients to reduce redness, protect and smooth the skin. This is the ideal go-to for super parched, mature or very sensitive skin.

The Steal

Joelle Ciocco’s Thermoregulatory Lotion ($105) is a hydrogel lotion, meaning you get both a lotion and gel feel with this product. The lotion acts as a “climatic filter,” which helps the skin combat extreme weather, whether the temperature is in negative digits or super dry. This product is an extreme hydrator to restore the natural moisture of your skin.

Our pro tip: put these creams on while relaxing in a hot bath or post steamy shower. The warm temperatures will open your pores, helping your skin to soak up the ingredients. Leave the cream on overnight, so it fully absorbs. In the morning wipe off the residue with a cool washcloth, which will tighten the pores and congratulations! You’ve just completed a successful self-care spa day at home. Enjoy your hydrated skin.

These products are all available at 10 Corso Como New York.