Fornasetti Launches Two New Candles

Fornasetti, the Italian luxury design atelier renowned for its impeccably detailed housewares, has an equally rich history to boot. Fornasetti first started in Milan, like 10 Corso Como, but in the 1950s, about forty years earlier. The decades-old company is family-run, now safe guarded by Barnaba Fornasetti, the son of founder, celebrated artist and designer, Piero Fornasetti. Like father, like son, the multi-talented duo have a well-rounded approach to the Fornasetti brand, as well as a mastery of many materials. Fornasetti’s atelier in Milan is ten stories high, each floor specializing in a specific craft using artisanal techniques. It is this level of detail, care and precision in everything that they do from their large furniture pieces to their candles that makes the brand so special. As each object is handcrafted, making it a piece of art in itself, each piece is slightly unique, adding to its innate special nature.

The Fornasetti brand is infused with a sense of humor and nostalgia, and is rich with metaphors and allusions creating a cohesive and distinct visual language. The hand-created artwork that adorns each of their objects is colorful and dreamlike, with a touch of whimsy. To honor the famed Italian institution, 10 Corso Como New York has launched a Fornasetti pop up in their lifestyle space.

fornasetti candle

fornasetti display

fornasetti candle

Highlights are two new Fornasetti candles, which launched exclusively at 10 Corso Como New York. The first, “Regalo Gold,” is an addition to the “Otto” olfactory collection. The sophisticated scent is a personal and nostalgic nod to Barnaba Fornasetti’s upbringing and uses Mediterranean herbs that were found around the Fornasetti home during his childhood. The candle incorporates a relaxing blend of Thyme and Lavender notes. The second, “Rosetti,” is a new addition to the brand’s Flora collection. Barnaba, too, was inspired by the lush garden flora that surrounded the family’s Milan house. The elegant scent is a blend of Iris, Jasmine, and Tuberose weaved together with Lily of the Valley. Both candles, available in different sizes and as a diffuser, room spray, and incense, come in a stunning handcrafted ceramic case. The art work for each scent is different, but both feature Piero Fornasetti’s muse, Lina Cavalieri, whose face is emblazoned on most Fornasetti pieces. These stunning art objects will dress up any home and provide a rich Mediterranean aroma. They also happen to make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!