10 Corso Como x Ader Error

Created only five years ago in Seoul, South Korea, Ader Error has already taken the fashion industry by storm. Their clothes are all unisex, maintaining an oversized fit, and rooted in the Korean youth culture. Very little is known about the design collective behind the brand. Many of the designers simply go by nicknames such as “Kevin”. Hailed by Vogue as the Vetements of Korea, Ader Error’s standout marketing strategy, among many other characteristics, makes the company particularly unique. With three different Instagram accounts, Ader Error provides its customer with an all-encompassing experience. One is dedicated to campaigns, one to product launches, and the final one, also the most interesting of the three, is dedicated to styling. Instead of employing celebrities to wear their clothes, Ader Error chooses to share how the public wears their clothes on social media. It is fresh, innovative, and for everyone.

Ader Error

Ader Error display

Ader Error socks

Just in time for summer, Ader Error and 10 Corso Como have developed a contemporary capsule collection featuring classic tees, sweatshirts and transparent ponchos, as well as bags, shoes and socks. The fit of the clothes is designed with both men and women in mind. With an Ader Error twist on the iconic 10 Corso Como logo, the primary colors are black, white, and gray coupled with pops of blue, red, and yellow. Shop the collection in-store at 10 Corso Como New York.