10 Corso Como New York Products

Little did Kris Ruhs know that a design he scrawled on a paper napkin 28 years ago would become the internationally recognized visual language of 10 Corso Como. The name, 10 Corso Como, borrowed from the flagship store’s address, includes a series of circles, which are significant in both design and meaning. In Ruhs’ opinion, “the circle is the most perfect form.” It is a shape that conveys infinity. The circle and dot motif, the visual stamp of 10 Corso Como, has also proven to have limitless applications – the design is emblazoned from floor to ceiling in all of the stores’ locations.

Each 10 Corso Como location (Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and now New York) has its own, slightly different version of the renowned circle and dot logo. The personalized emblem can be seen embellished on 10 Corso Como branded merchandise and on the beloved patterned store shopping bag, gift boxes and wrapping paper. The New York location has two personalized motifs: a dotted background among a multitude of circles, and an infinity sign formed from two interconnecting circles. Another signature design is the “Smiley,” also designed by Ruhs, which is a long-time favorite among store goers.

Visitors, local or international, can take home a token of 10 Corso Como from the vast variety of branded merchandise on offer. Canvas tote bags, umbrellas, phone cases or water tumblers are a perfect way to incorporate the iconic logo into everyday life; work stations can be spiced up with notebooks and pens. Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar made in Italian orchards are come in beautiful 10 Corso Como illustrated slender bottles. Incense and perfume make great gifts for beauty and wellness aficionados. Perhaps the most special keepsakes on offer are luxe black leather purses embossed with Ruhs’ signature circle and dot motif tastefully placed in small rows. Whether you pick up a small pin, a pen or a box of chocolates, you will be taking home a little bit of the magic that is 10 Corso Como.